I am a very creative, out of the box thinker. I have helped many clients solve design issues by brainstorming our ideas until we find the perfect solution. Issues such as the perfect name for their company, logo design an much more!
I love helping people solve their design problems and looking at them from different angles. There is nothing more satisfying than solving a problem while feeding off the energy of another person! 
I have worked for a large newspaper creating Maps, Charts and Infographics.  Including selling out every single copy of one edition. An infographic on making a kite, including a kite to cut out and make was the reason it sold. 
When I worked at General Motors I brought a non-working television studio back to full capacity, photographed a King, and created Safety and Training Videos. I was the plant photographer and historian, as well as the graphic designer. 
I started a new Career in Medical Simulation working for FEMA Homeland Security in Emergency Medical Treatment Training for Large Scale Disasters. My background in technology and love of computers, along with my creative artistic abilities made this a perfect fit! Moulaging the Metiman for training exercises was just a different way of "painting" while creating wounds that simulated real life tragedies. I also worked on the robotic simulators, maintaining them, minor fixes, and troubleshooted when their were connection issues. 
I am recently changed my title from Graphic Designer to Virtual Assistant! It has the same skill sets just a different way of presenting the skill sets. I am here to assist you with your business or project in many ways.
What ever new challenge I am faced with I research what needs to be done, find my resources and go about getting everything to work the way it should. I love a good challenge.  I would love to help you solve YOUR current challenges.

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